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Single-use plastic bags represent one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation. It is estimated that 60-80% of all debris in the ocean is plastic, and 80% of plastic in the ocean is land-based. Plastics take hundreds of years to break down at sea and most types never truly biodegrade. As a result, marine animals often get entangled in the debris or mistake it for food. In Oregon (and the world!) the very first volunteer beach cleanup was held in 1984 under the title "Plague of Plastics", calling historical attention to the rise of plastics in our oceans and on our beaches.

Around 100 billion plastic checkout bags are used each year in the United States, requiring ever-increasing demands on our finite natural resources. Sadly, less than 10% of these bags are recycled each year and cities, counties, and non-profit organizations must pay millions each year to clean up plastic litter.

For these and other reasons, the Portland Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation supports a ban (or 20 cent fee) on single-use plastic bags within the City of Portland. Such an ordinance is needed to prevent marine debris, save money, and reduce our dependence on finite natural resources. Many other cities have taken similar action including San Francisco, San Jose, LA County, Maui, Edmonds WA and even Washington DC, Westport CT, Brownsville and South Padre TX - all which have passed ban or fee ordinances on plastic bags. 

We the undersigned residents of Portland, Oregon HEREBY SUPPORT a ban (or mandatory fee) on single-use plastic bags within the City of Portland to prevent marine debris, encourage the use of reusable bags and decrease our dependence on finite natural resources.
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1068 Tue Aug 23 19:06:44 EDT 2011 Jim Littlefield, West Coast Director As a preliminary matter, Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA) is committed to the preservation and protection of the environmental and cultural elements that are inherent to the sport of surfing. More....
1067 Fri Aug 05 22:00:41 EDT 2011 Janice Oscarson
1066 Fri Jul 29 09:01:05 EDT 2011 1 1 Rather than "banning" all plastic grocery bags, people should consider the feasible use of bioplastics, which are biodegradable plastics made from plant sources such as cellulose, corn starch and other More....
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1064 Thu Jul 21 10:49:28 EDT 2011 sofia tsiamouri
1063 Wed Jul 20 19:44:12 EDT 2011 Kathleen Jones
1062 Wed Jul 20 10:42:44 EDT 2011 caran goodall BAN the BAGS
1061 Wed Jul 20 03:55:37 EDT 2011 Cameron Corley
1060 Tue Jul 19 17:40:34 EDT 2011 Shannah Praus
1059 Tue Jul 19 15:51:47 EDT 2011 Justin Brown
1058 Tue Jul 19 15:46:28 EDT 2011 Rachel Melhus
1057 Tue Jul 19 13:36:23 EDT 2011 Robert Curttright i hate trash
1056 Tue Jul 19 03:53:23 EDT 2011 chokyi dawa
1055 Tue Jul 19 01:53:45 EDT 2011 chelsea davis
1054 Tue Jul 19 01:21:00 EDT 2011 gaile carr
1053 Mon Jul 18 23:27:09 EDT 2011 kenneth nitta
1052 Mon Jul 18 23:23:14 EDT 2011 Anonymous
1051 Mon Jul 18 22:07:48 EDT 2011 Jen Smith
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