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There is a section of the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the continental United States called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Within it, 100 million tons of plastic swirl in a vortex of currents. There is so much plastic in the water that it outnumbers zooplankton by six to one!

This plastic ends up in the stomachs of marine birds and animals. In fact, one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die globally each year due to ingestion of or entanglement in plastics.

Plastic is forever, with virtually every piece of petroleum based plastic ever made still in existence. That's why it's so critical to our oceans and beaches that we dramatically reduce our use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, starting today.

You can make a difference for our world's oceans, waves and beaches -- pledge to rise above plastics today.

I commit to do my part to rise above plastics and protect the world's oceans, waves and beaches from plastic pollution. I will do this by:

- Using reusable bottles for my water and other drinks. By using just one reusable bottle, I will keep 167 single-use plastic bottles from entering the environment.

- Using cloth bags for groceries and other purchases. For each reusable bag I use, I will save approximately 400 plastics from being used.

- Recycling the plastic bags and bottles I already have. For every thirteen plastic bags I don't use, I will save enough petroleum to drive a car one mile.
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    Number Date Name How will you Rise Above ...
    3996 Thu Apr 24 09:19:45 EDT 2014 Amanda Moore
    3995 Tue Apr 22 12:44:48 EDT 2014 Tako The Good Dog
    3994 Tue Apr 22 09:35:39 EDT 2014 Gabriela Herrero
    3993 Mon Apr 21 15:55:10 EDT 2014 Cooper Danel
    3992 Sun Apr 20 15:59:07 EDT 2014 Francis Emmanuelli
    3991 Sat Apr 19 21:21:59 EDT 2014 Marisa Pahl
    3990 Thu Apr 17 15:39:43 EDT 2014 Leila Milewski Use reusable grocery bags, recycle/reuse the plastic I have, and continue to clean up my local beach while encouraging others to do so!
    3989 Wed Apr 16 19:20:53 EDT 2014 Emelia DeForce Stop using single use plastics unless I use it more than once!
    3988 Wed Apr 16 19:20:53 EDT 2014 Emelia DeForce Stop using single use plastics unless I use it more than once!
    3987 Wed Apr 16 19:20:51 EDT 2014 Emelia DeForce Stop using single use plastics unless I use it more than once!
    3986 Wed Apr 16 19:18:22 EDT 2014 Emelia DeForce Stop using single use plastics unless I use it more than once!
    3985 Sun Apr 13 14:43:02 EDT 2014 Tako The Good Dog By bringing my own tupperware when I go to restaurants so I do not use plastic to-go containers!
    3984 Wed Apr 09 19:07:20 EDT 2014 Jennifer Moran
    3983 Wed Apr 09 16:42:04 EDT 2014 Alanna Ciardi
    3982 Tue Apr 08 13:07:38 EDT 2014 Jordan Esguerra I will rise above plastic use, by avoiding plastic bottles, baggies, and other materials. Alongside this, I'm an avid surfer and will always pick up trash when at the beach to reduce waster and plastic More....
    3981 Sun Apr 06 22:10:33 EDT 2014 Jaclynn Doling
    3980 Fri Apr 04 08:28:36 EDT 2014 Susan Lafferty We use our own cloth bags at stores, and have our own stainless steel mugs. We use biodegradable tall kitchen bags made from corn.
    3979 Thu Apr 03 20:16:00 EDT 2014 Briana Kemery I avoid buying packaged foods as much as possible. (Whole foods are healthier and allow me to enjoy the cooking process too). I let the people in line behind me wait for my fruit and veg to be More....
    3978 Wed Mar 26 20:59:33 EDT 2014 michelle montilla
    3977 Tue Mar 25 03:39:04 EDT 2014 Jeff Ligouri
    3976 Wed Mar 12 19:35:05 EDT 2014 Anonymous
    3975 Mon Mar 10 23:52:26 EDT 2014 Anonymous I spend about 4 hours a week kayaking out at Alamitos Bay CA and Cabrillo Beach CA collecting trash out of the water and when I come in, off the beaches.... there is still too much!
    3974 Sun Mar 09 15:44:17 EDT 2014 Anonymous I will rise from plastics from going to the beach and picking up trash on the floor. I will also pick up every trash I see on the group from it going in to the water.
    3973 Sun Mar 09 01:33:26 EST 2014 CHARLES FREEMAN
    3972 Fri Mar 07 02:57:35 EST 2014 Ivy Pistone
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