Vinod Khosla: Open Martin's Beach

Photo credit: Ed Larenas

Martin's Beach, south of Half Moon Bay, has been loved over generations by local families and tourists who have spent countless hours there fishing, surfing, and playing on the beach. That came to an end in recent years once billionaire venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla, purchased the property adjacent to the beach and decided to keep the public out.

While Mr. Khosla is recognized for his philanthropic and environmental efforts, he has taken a selfish approach to the issue of public access at Martin's Beach. In addition to the initial action of blocking public access, he cloaked his identity as the property owner, refused requests to meet and discuss the matter, hired security to patrol the property and ward off beach goers, and sought a restraining order to keep the public from the beach.

Adding insult to injury, Khosla's attorney characterized the situation as such to the San Francisco Chronicle:

"We are very aware of the community concern about the situation, and it is unfortunate that we were forced into the legal process rather than a conversation with the community. The property owner strives to be a constructive member of the community [...]"

Well, Mr. Khosla, it's not too late to truly be a constructive member of the community.


To this end, we are asking YOU to write a letter to Khosla asking him to meet with the community to discuss public access to Martin's Beach.  A sample letter has been provided, but if you can, please elaborate with narrative about your connection with Martin's Beach.  (Please avoid name-calling or personal attacks, as those are not constructive ways to get his attention).

If you would prefer to send a hand-written letter, please send it here so we can bundle and send letters together for added effect: Surfrider Foundation, attn: Khosla  P.O.Box 6010, San Clemente, CA 92674-6010.  If you choose this route, please sign-up for our action network here to stay in the loop on future actions.

Thanks for your help!

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