Huntington Beach EPS Foam Foodware Ordinance

Huntington Beach City Council is considering an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam foodware ban for restaurants within city limits.  Often mistakingly referred to as Styrofoam, EPS foam foodware poses unique problems when littered while alternative and often reusable options are available.  San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach have already acted on this important issue and we are urging the Huntington Beach City Council to pass a similar ordinance.    

EPS foam does not biodegrade in our lifetimes. It may photodegrade and/or break into small pieces if littered, which are harder to clean up.  EPS foam is typically made from non-renewable fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals that may leach out over time, especially if in contact with hot, greasy or acidic food.  Animals can mistake EPS foam for food or nesting materials.  Although inexpensive to buy, EPS can be expensive to clean up. Since they are so inexpensive, polystyrene products are often thrown away or littered after a single use.

The time is NOW to TAKE ACTION below as City Council is expected to vote on ordinance language for an EPS foam foodware ban Tuesday, 1/21.  Scroll down to email all Councilmembers and
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