Veto Port Ambrose LNG 2013

Update: Governor Christie has still not come out for or against this project--we need to make sure he knows that the citizens of New Jersey don't want LNG!

Liquid Natural Gas, LNG, facilities are threatening the New Jersey coast again.  The Port Ambrose facility is the same project vetoed by Governor Christie in 2011, but in a different location.  In fact since this project is identical in every other way, we think Christie's previous veto should stand, but just in case we will ask him to veto this project as well. 

We don't need to increase our ability to burn more fossil fuel at this time.  Foreign imported LNG has a larger carbon footprint than domestic natural gas due to the cooling, transportation and re-gasification required.

Fishing, diving and boating would be impacted with 20 miles of seafloor dredged and dug up. The project would be in an prime wind energy generation area, complicating efforts to build clean wind energy projects proposed there. 

Urge Governor Christie to once again stand up for the Jersey Shore and veto the Port Ambrose project.