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There is a section of the Pacific Ocean twice the size of the continental United States called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Within it, 100 million tons of plastic swirl in a vortex of currents. There is so much plastic in the water that it outnumbers zooplankton by six to one!

This plastic ends up in the stomachs of marine birds and animals. In fact, one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die globally each year due to ingestion of or entanglement in plastics.

Plastic is forever, with virtually every piece of petroleum based plastic ever made still in existence. That's why it's so critical to our oceans and beaches that we dramatically reduce our use of plastics, especially single-use plastics, starting today.

You can make a difference for our world's oceans, waves and beaches -- pledge to rise above plastics today.

I commit to do my part to rise above plastics and protect the world's oceans, waves and beaches from plastic pollution. I will do this by:

- Using reusable bottles for my water and other drinks. By using just one reusable bottle, I will keep 167 single-use plastic bottles from entering the environment.

- Using cloth bags for groceries and other purchases. For each reusable bag I use, I will save approximately 400 plastics from being used.

- Recycling the plastic bags and bottles I already have. For every thirteen plastic bags I don't use, I will save enough petroleum to drive a car one mile.
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    Number Date Name How will you Rise Above ...
    4053 Sat Jul 26 23:07:04 EDT 2014 Camille Relota Reusable water bottles/cups, bags, and utensils!
    4052 Tue Jul 22 20:47:48 EDT 2014 Erin David I use reusable water bottles and grocery bags!
    4051 Sat Jul 12 22:20:04 EDT 2014 Denise Curry I use a bar shampoo.
    4050 Sat Jul 12 08:16:56 EDT 2014 Peter Flores Reusable water bottles and shopping bags. Home composting. Spread the knowledge!
    4049 Wed Jul 09 12:01:51 EDT 2014 Dipankar Majumdar
    4048 Fri Jul 04 16:23:09 EDT 2014 Anonymous Collecting recyclable plastic cups and glasses after family and social activities and at home.
    4047 Thu Jul 03 09:11:44 EDT 2014 Nicoleta Krenteras I will reuse cloth bags from the grocery store, and won't ask for plastic. I will buy reusable water bottles and stop using plastic. And most of all I will get my friends and family to help me and join More....
    4046 Tue Jul 01 14:29:51 EDT 2014 maya barbir
    4045 Mon Jun 30 18:37:40 EDT 2014 Elizabeth Harris Recycle!
    4044 Mon Jun 30 16:49:34 EDT 2014 Anonymous Have my children and their friends take the pledge as well.
    4043 Mon Jun 30 13:25:32 EDT 2014 Callie Hamari
    4042 Mon Jun 30 09:11:11 EDT 2014 Lisa Rider Go Plastic Free more than just the month of July! Bring my own bag, mug, cup, bottle... Dont use straws, or any one use/disposable items. Participate in weekly beach cleanups and also the Keep Onslow More....
    4041 Sun Jun 29 10:16:48 EDT 2014 Barbara-Jean Kubik
    4040 Sat Jun 28 09:30:30 EDT 2014 Kathryn Parsons
    4039 Tue Jun 24 23:14:46 EDT 2014 Tiffany Harville
    4038 Mon Jun 23 02:53:39 EDT 2014 Ted Williams
    4037 Mon Jun 23 02:53:38 EDT 2014 Ted Williams
    4036 Sun Jun 22 18:37:36 EDT 2014 Bobbi Parsley
    4035 Sun Jun 22 14:34:14 EDT 2014 Maria Schulz
    4034 Fri Jun 20 20:02:24 EDT 2014 Kim Hughes
    4033 Fri Jun 20 19:18:12 EDT 2014 Maria Silva
    4032 Fri Jun 20 17:36:52 EDT 2014 Aubury Smith
    4031 Fri Jun 20 16:23:44 EDT 2014 Anonymous Get another water bottle. Keep recycling and making sure to pick up any recyclables and trash off the ground
    4030 Fri Jun 20 16:16:07 EDT 2014 Bianca Schins I will recycle every bit of plastic that i own. And use a reusable bag for my groceries and other purchases.
    4029 Fri Jun 20 15:54:55 EDT 2014 Anonymous
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