Ban The Bag Los Angeles

Ask the Los Angeles City Council to follow through on their commitment to reduce plastic bag pollution and adopt a strong reusable bag ordinance for a cleaner city, beaches and ocean!

##  The LA City Council will take up the reusable bag ordinance on Tuesday, June 18 at 10 a.m. The Council may limit the number of people who can testify at the hearing, but we need your presence to show support! Join us at the hearing: arrive early for a rally, wear a green shirt and let's make Los Angeles the largest city in the U.S. to ban plastic bags! Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. ##

Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources such as natural gas and 'fracking' for natural gas is a growing concern.  Plastic bags do not biodegrade in our lifetimes and can impact wildlife when littered - in addition to being an eyesore, costing taxpayer dollars to pick up, potentially clogging drains and possibly creating mosquito breeding grounds in warmer months.  While plastic bags are recyclable, recent reports show a dismal 5% recycling rate from the 115 billion bags used nationwide.  There is an easy solution in reusable bags - and they are already being made right here in Los Angeles!

For these reasons and more we are calling on the Los Angeles City Council to finalize and approve a strong carryout bag ordinance that would ban plastic checkout bags place a ten-cent fee on paper checkout bags. 

One year ago, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-1 to move forward with drafting the final ordinance language and completing the appropriate CEQA environmental review. The City Council has all the resources at their disposal to finalize what they promised, send this action alert to ask them to ACT NOW!

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

Thanks for your support!