Several years ago, Surfrider Foundation, along with other environmental organizations and local Huntington Beach citizens, opposed a plan to build a massive seawater desalination facility on the beach in Huntington Beach. The proposed desalination factory would:

-    kill marine life through the antiquated seawater intake system;
-    degrade marine habitat by discharging brine and chemicals into the ocean;
-    impact adjacent coastal wetlands and wildlife;
-    use enormous amounts of energy, undermining California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
-    and cost so much to build and operate that preferred alternatives would be pushed aside.

The preferred alternatives lost to this destructive and expensive desalination plan are the basis of Surfrider’s “Know Your H2O” program – which is a vision of improved water management to restore our coast and ocean and provide freshwater in a more sustainable, cheaper, and less environmentally harmful way then our current practices.

On Monday, May 6, the Huntington Beach City Council will consider sending a letter to the Coastal Commission requesting denial of the Coastal Development Permit for this destructive seawater desalination proposal.

We strongly support this effort by the City Council. But they need to hear from the public – especially members and supporters of Surfrider Foundation.

Please send the City Council the message below so they are aware that the public supports their proposed letter to the Coastal Commission.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here