Oxnard Plastic Bag Ban

Take action and contact the Oxnard City Council to let them know you support a citywide Reusable Bag Ordinace that would ban plastic checkout bags at grocery stores and food retailers.  We need your support as this issue is slated to go to the full City Council for a series of votes in the coming months.

Plastic bags are typically made from non-renewable resources like natural gas.  Plastic bags do not biodegrade in our lifetimes and can impact wildlife when littered - in addition to being an eyesore, costing taxpayer dollars to pick up, potentially clogging drains and possibly creating mosquito breeding grounds in warmer months.  While plastic bags are recyclable, recent reports show a dismal 5% recycling rate from the 115 billion bags used nationwide.

In October 2012 Oxnard City Council took the first steps toward a possible plastic checkout bag ban by contributing funds for a regional carryout bag environmental impact report (EIR).  Once the environmental review is complete, Oxnard and each jurisdiction in the area would need to approve their own local bag ordinance based on model language for the region. 

We need you to show support for a plastic bag ban by signing this Action Alert to contact City Councilmembers, attending local hearings and spreading the word with friends.  Click Here for more campaign info.

Carmen Ramirez

Oxnard City Council

Timothy Flynn

Oxnard City Council

Bryan MacDonald

Oxnard City Council

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Oxnard City Council