Urge Regional Water Board to Deny Toll Road Permit

Update: The Regional Water Board DENIED the Permit!  Visit www.savetrestles.org for more details

The Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) has been trying to build a 16-mile toll road in Orange and San Diego Counties for nearly 20 years.  Yes, the same road that Surfrider and thousands of people fought—and the same road that was rejected by the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration in 2008 because of its devastating impacts to the environment, San Onofre State Beach and cultural resources.

Since 2011, the TCA has been proposing to build the road in “segments”—five miles at a time.  Their segmentation approach is a guise to build the entire road down to San Onofre State Beach.  

“Segmenting” is illegal under state and federal law.  Not only does TCA’s plan circumvent important laws, this approach makes absolutely no sense. This first 5-mile segment is literally a “road to nowhere,” ending at a dirt road and threatening to create traffic nightmares for thousands of Orange County residents.

The TCA recently applied for an environmental permit with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) for the first section of the road (this is one of many permits they need to obtain).  Their RWQCB application is flawed—TCA is overlooking impacts to important wetlands, the San Juan Creek, and the surrounding watershed—which could affect the coastal zone and ocean resources.

A federal agency even admitted in 2005 that San Juan Creek watershed is already degraded due to erosion from development and cannot endure any more growth, saying that continued erosion could cause the failure of buried water and sewer lines, as well as the disappearance of watershed habitat.

Please send a letter to the RWQCB urging them to deny TCA’s application. We need your help to remind the TCA (and decision makers) that the public doesn’t want their destructive toll road.

Also, The RWQCB will be hearing TCA’s application June 19. WE NEED YOU TO ATTEND! Please join us at 1pm at the Water Quality Control Board Meeting Room: 9174 Sky Park Court San Diego, CA 92123


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