Support Historic Designation for Trestles and San Onofre

San Onofre and Trestles have been synonymous with California surfing since the 1930s. The area is world-renowned for its consistent, near perfect waves. Trestles provides some of the best year-round surfing waves in California, an area with the greatest concentration of surfers in the world.  We now have the opportunity to have it recognized for its historical contributions by being listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

For over 70 years this stretch of coast has been associated with events and activities that have played a significant role in the evolution of surfing as a sport, which is an integral part of Southern California's identity as a beach culture.  The physical isolation and absence of commercial growth encouraged the development of a society whose lifestyle and unique culture would later personify Southern California and influence surfing worldwide.

From the early days of heavy wooden longboards to the development of high-performance aerial surfing, Trestles has remained at the forefront of the sport and culture of surfing.  Please sign the petition below to show your support for listing in the National Register and share your personal and family stories about Trestles and San Onofre.  Learn more on our Coastal Blog.

This petition will be forwarded to the CA State Historical Resources Commission and the National Park Service to demonstrate community support.

Petition Language: I support listing of the Trestles Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places. Trestles and San Onofre have played in integral role in the history and development of surfing and surfing culture in California and throughout the U.S.
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3977 Mon May 19 21:57:55 EDT 2014 Rebecca Stevens Montgomery Village , MD
3976 Thu Mar 20 01:01:23 EDT 2014 Sandy Kriskey Capistrino Beach , CA Love San Onofre
Use to take my kids there before they could drive so they could surf . Family bonfires
They are all grown up and have there own family and taking there kids now to surf .
I More....
3975 Tue Mar 18 20:34:37 EDT 2014 Anonymous San Diego, CA camping at San Onofre!
3974 Wed Mar 05 09:50:40 EST 2014 Troy Mangan Lomita, CA
3973 Mon Mar 03 09:51:19 EST 2014 Jeff Sullivan Beaver falls, PA Just seeing the pictures of the breaks at Trestles is enough to make anyone want to save such a pristine beach area!
3972 Wed Feb 05 18:43:47 EST 2014 Tony and Sharon Beck Longmont, CO
3971 Sat Jan 11 18:39:23 EST 2014 Dennis Morin Daytona beach, FL My wife and I are planning a trip there in the comming year. We have heard that it is a beautiful place and would like to expierence that beautiful natural piece of coastline.
3970 Thu Oct 10 06:30:14 EDT 2013 Anonymous Dana point, CA
3969 Thu Sep 12 13:28:25 EDT 2013 Anonymous Phoenix, AZ This is a beautiful Park and it will be shameful to damage it or ruin great Surfing with this road
3968 Sat Aug 24 11:53:30 EDT 2013 Thomas White Lanexa, VA Save Trestles... Keep it the same for another hundred years.
3967 Fri Aug 02 12:08:10 EDT 2013 Anonymous huntington beach, CA
3966 Fri Jul 26 19:34:16 EDT 2013 Ingrid Erickson Bellingham, WA
3965 Wed Jul 24 07:13:09 EDT 2013 Andy Sani San Diego, CA Am a "native" Californian and the father of two teen-age surfers. Trestles/San Onofre is such a huge part of living in San Diego County and we've enjoyed the area in a profound way whether it was beach More....
3964 Wed Jul 24 02:06:53 EDT 2013 Anonymous Huntington Beach, CA
3963 Tue Jul 09 12:13:40 EDT 2013 Anonymous San Clemente, CA Trestles and San Onofre is the only and most famous public access point to the wild undeveloped coastline which follows to the south. It is a historical and natural treasure. There is no benefit to developing More....
3962 Fri Jul 05 00:57:09 EDT 2013 Anonymous San Clemente, CA More sacred than Notre Dame and MUCH, MUCH older.
3961 Fri Jul 05 00:57:04 EDT 2013 Jim Nowak San Clemente, CA More sacred than Notre Dame and MUCH, MUCH older.
3960 Thu Jun 27 17:01:23 EDT 2013 Anonymous Anaheim, CA Keep Trestles the Way it Stands. NO new Roads, NO Changes.
3959 Fri Jun 21 13:25:08 EDT 2013 Shannon Hsu New York, NY
3958 Wed Jun 19 19:56:55 EDT 2013 maureen roche petrolia, CA Public Access in perpetuity.
3957 Wed Jun 19 19:44:31 EDT 2013 Anonymous South Jordan, UT Favorite place to go while living in CA now several trips from out of state. Not only locals appreciate this great area.
3956 Wed Jun 19 16:51:46 EDT 2013 David Kinney Minneapolis, MN I graduated from SDSU and my roommate was from San Clemente. He was gracious enough to take me on my trips to Trestles. One of the best surf spots in So Cal.
3955 Wed Jun 19 16:25:20 EDT 2013 Kevin Doran Oakland, CA
3954 Tue Jun 18 22:55:30 EDT 2013 Jack Lunbeck san pedro, CA Malibu is what people think of when California and surfing is mentioned , but if the truth be known San Clemente AKA " Trestles" is the real spot surfers that know what they are doing think of regarding More....
3953 Tue Jun 18 22:22:59 EDT 2013 Anonymous Carlsbad, CA
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