Support New and Improved Sewage Treatment in Morro Bay!!

The city of Morro Bay has 2 years to build a new sewage treatment plant, and local authorities are very close to making the WRONG decision -- against the will of local citizens! They want to build their new sewage plant NEAR MORRO ROCK (again!) – one of California’s natural wonders and a popular beach and surfing spot. The outdated facility is also near Morro Bay High School and upwind from 3 mobile home parks and 2 hotels. Building on the proposed site will degrade invaluable coastal lands and limit future opportunities to draw more tourism or recreation to the area.

Many sewage treatment facilities in California, if not the world, are outdated and do not conform to standards for discharging partially treated pollutants to our coast and ocean. Morro Bay is one – and the wastewater treatment plant MUST be rebuilt. That has already been mandated by the State and is no longer open to debate!

But “how” and “where” is the question. And it’s an important one because of the quality of life and the economic vitality of a coastal community that is so dependent on safe, clean oceans and beaches to enjoy. As wise people often say, the City’s plan is “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

 Map of project area (click to expand) graphic credit:John Diodatti

Morro Bay residents, including our important farming community, support the preferred alternative recommended by the Coastal Commission staff – that is, to move the treatment plant off the beach and re-build it into a water recycling facility that will provide long-term financial returns to the City. Moving the facility to the “Righetti site” will provide a new source of water for those who grow our food, while providing multiple environmental and quality of life benefits on the coast.  We can conserve our limited freshwater supplies, start adapting to inevitable sea level rise and threats to coastal infrastructure, as well as eliminate a source of pollution in our ocean – so this is a “win/win/win” proposal. Simply replacing an outdated facility in the wrong place is money down the drain – literally and figuratively.
Our small community has the chance to set the trend for multi-benefit change in water management. We can stand as an example to others in California, and across the country, in how to get “the most bang for the buck” by building a new state-of-the-art water recycling facility -- off the coast where it belongs.
Please send a message to the California Coastal Commission that you support not only the best alternative for Morro Bay, but the best example for multi-benefit water management statewide.

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