Uphold the Coastal Commission’s Decision in Solana Beach

The Solana Beach City Council will be discussing whether or not to accept the changes made to their Local Coastal Plan (LCP) at the March Coastal Commission (CCC) meeting at their Sept 26th City Council meeting. The decision by the CCC in March regarding seawall mitigation was a huge victory for beach-goers, surfers and the Surfrider Foundation! Help us combat this most recent attempt by the bluff-top homeowners to overturn our victory, by signing this action alert and please join us on Sept 26th at 6pm!

Surfrider has been working with the City of Solana Beach for over 10 years to ensure that their LCP provides adequate protection for our waves and beaches. Please voice your opinion and help us make certain that our coastal resources are adequately protected. If the City Council members decide to reject the changes made by the CCC, everything gained in March and over the past 10 years will be lost and the entire LCP process will have to start over again.  Furthermore, this decision has statewide implications, as coastal cities all along California who struggle with seawall issues and mitigation are watching to see what happens in Solana Beach. Help us combat the bluff-top homeowners lame attempt to get their way!

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here