VETO Illinois SB 3442

Ask Governor Quinn to VETO IL SB 3442, the Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Act!

As written, SB 3442, Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Act, mandates a very weak statewide plastic bag and film recycling program along with preventing local cities from developing and implementing far more effective solutions, like bag bans or bag fees, to reduce the volume of plastic waste and litter.  This bill thinly passed the House and State Senate so it now sits on the Governor's desk for final approval or veto.

Local action is critical because it has been effective in addressing the problem. For example, Washington, D.C., was the first U.S. city to implement a 5-cent fee for all disposable bags and has already seen an 80% decrease in consumer use of use-and-toss bags. Similarly, Ireland’s PlastTax cut consumption by 94% within the first year.

Illinois should not ban local initiatives that have proven effective in reducing the volume of single-use plastic bag waste. The plastics industry supports SB 3442, which should be the first sign this could be a questionable bill.  Further research shows this bill will do little to decrease plastic bag litter or increase plastic bag recycling.  The Surfrider Foundation Chicago Chapter urges your vigorous opposition to Illinois SB 3442. 

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