Ban the Bag in Aliso Viejo

Single-use plastic bags and foam food ware represent two of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation.  It is estimated that 60-80% of all debris in the ocean is plastic, and 80% of plastic in the ocean is land-based. Plastics take hundreds of years to break down at sea and most types never truly biodegrade. As a result, marine animals often get entangled in the debris or mistake it for food.

Around 100 billion plastic checkout bags are used each year in the United States, requiring ever-increasing demands on our finite natural resources. Sadly, 12% or less of these bags are recycled each year and cities, counties, and non-profit organizations must pay millions each year to clean up plastic litter.

Plastics, especially expanded polystyrene foam, easily break into small pieces which are difficult to clean up off our beaches. It is consumed by wildlife and has also been linked to toxins and carcinogens which can leach out from the product.

Please ask the Aliso Viejo City Council to be a leader in Orange County  by considering and passing a ban on plastic bags and expanded polystyrene foam foodware.  Aliso Viejo can be another Orange County city to do the right thing.  Dana Point and Laguna Beach have done it, now its Aliso Viejo's turn!

Sign the petition: I support a ban on single-use plastic bags and foam food ware in Aliso Viejo.
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270 Wed May 15 21:28:51 EDT 2013 Summer Jorgensen Aliso Viejo, CA
269 Thu Apr 11 19:44:10 EDT 2013 A CUSTER ANAHEIM, CA
268 Sat Feb 02 03:28:04 EST 2013 Natalia Gesto Montevideo, ot
267 Tue Jan 22 00:21:31 EST 2013 Jonathan Nowak Albany, NY
266 Mon Sep 10 14:49:42 EDT 2012 Stacey Ballard South Lake Tahoe, CA
265 Wed Jun 20 22:34:12 EDT 2012 Letícia Ribeiro São Paulo, ot
264 Sat Jun 09 17:38:27 EDT 2012 Ana Herrera Oakland, CA
263 Fri May 25 21:02:33 EDT 2012 Eric Scott Aliso Viejo, CA Its time. There is just far too much plastic use going on here. I am a NorCal transplant and I couldn't believe they put a plastic bag on my gallon of milk. What was the point? People are just way to0 More....
262 Mon May 07 20:51:12 EDT 2012 Michael Spencer Long Beach, CA
261 Wed May 02 23:02:53 EDT 2012 Debbie Naude Laguna Beach, CA
260 Tue May 01 13:50:34 EDT 2012 Aislinn Sterling Berkeley, CA
259 Tue Apr 17 19:56:01 EDT 2012 Norman Batchelder Newport Beach, CA I see the wind blowing plastic bags across the beach quite often. Many cities have already ban the bags and people do just fine without them.
258 Mon Apr 09 23:18:56 EDT 2012 Mark Hanlon El Segundo, CA I hate plastic bags and can't wait till the day they do not exist
257 Sun Apr 08 14:37:41 EDT 2012 Jon Berg Washington, DC
256 Sat Apr 07 09:55:55 EDT 2012 Carolina Arentsen RI I make jewelry with recycled plastic bags. It is a big project.
255 Wed Apr 04 18:26:38 EDT 2012 sara navarro zaragoza, ot
254 Tue Mar 27 19:24:11 EDT 2012 Evan Bruesehoff Laguna Niguel, CA
253 Thu Mar 22 12:19:54 EDT 2012 Gregory Beutler Hb, CA
252 Thu Mar 15 13:58:55 EDT 2012 Jennifer Lengerich San Diego, CA
251 Sat Mar 03 15:47:48 EST 2012 Anonymous chappaqua, NY
250 Wed Feb 29 15:46:18 EST 2012 Anonymous Irvine, CA
249 Mon Feb 27 08:48:53 EST 2012 David Lindquist laguna Beach, CA
248 Thu Feb 23 18:25:49 EST 2012 Anonymous Lake Forest, CA
247 Thu Feb 23 12:31:17 EST 2012 Ian Murphy Orange, CA
246 Thu Feb 23 01:19:23 EST 2012 jeff gasper aliso viejo, CA this is critical...spread the word!
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