Protect Ocean Wildlife From Industrial Seawater Intakes

Plans for more than 20 ocean desalination water factories are currently underway in California. Unfortunately these plans are moving forward at a pace which precludes thoughtful consideration of the impacts that these factories will have on water quality, marine life, and greenhouse gas emissions. Many facilities propose to use once-through cooling (OTC) pipes to draw in seawater, along with all of the marine life in it. Additionally, California does not have regulations in place to protect the ocean ecosystem from toxic brine pollution generated by desalination facilities. The Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is charged with recommending environmentally protective policies on ocean issues and is currently developing their Five Year Draft Strategic Plan.  Unfortunately, the clear language in the current draft to protect our precious marine life is under attack by powerful lobbyists for the desalination industry.  Join us in telling OPC to release a Strategic Plan that makes it clear to state agencies and dischargers that desalination facilities should not be using destructive OTC pipes.

Please send the letter below to the Ocean Protection Council now. Mother Ocean will thank you.

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