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Aug. 25th Update: The City of Dana Point has once again failed to comply with the June 2011 judgment to remove gates and apply for a coastal development permit.

A 14 day Writ of Mandate was formally served to the city on August 9th.  As of August 23rd, the city has ignored the public's interest in regard to beach access, not to mention expended almost $300,000 in legal fees.

Please sign the petition and feel free to add comments that we will present to the city council from the public. Be sure to share with your friends too.

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When the Headlands and Strands development project was approved by the California Coastal Commission, the City of Dana Point and Sanford Edward, the project developer, agreed to provide “maximum” access to Strands beach via access ways on the north, central and south ends of the Strands development. The access ways to the north and south of the project are not gated and provide access during all beach hours. The Mid and Central Strands access ways have been gated and the hours have been limited to 8 AM to 7 PM during the summer months and 8 AM to 5 PM during winter months. The gates and limited hours restrict the most direct access to the beach, violate the agreement made when the project was approved and violate the Coastal Act. Any limitation of access requires a permit from the Coastal Commission.

Sign the petition below to tell the Dana Point City Council to open the access at Strands Beach!

As those who value access to California's beaches, we hereby urge the City of Dana Point to immediately open the Mid and Central Strand Beach Access ways (remove the gates) and seek a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission for any beach access limitations.
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    2407 Thu Jul 10 01:30:39 EDT 2014 David Crane Dana point, CA
    2406 Wed Jul 09 23:22:26 EDT 2014 Anonymous Dana Point, CA
    2405 Wed Jul 09 23:21:48 EDT 2014 Deanne Crane Dana Point, CA
    2404 Sat Jun 14 19:42:39 EDT 2014 Catharine Cooper South Laguna, CA The beaches belong to the public ... Not the wealthy property owners who think it is theirs alone. Tear down the gates ... The beaches belong to us!
    2403 Thu Jun 12 13:41:53 EDT 2014 Mitchell McMaster San Juan Capistrano, CA
    2402 Wed Jun 04 17:38:21 EDT 2014 Brian Farmer Oceanside, CA
    2401 Tue May 27 20:57:04 EDT 2014 Joseph McLauchlin Trabuco Canyon, CA
    2400 Mon May 19 13:00:28 EDT 2014 Cody Kavanaugh CA
    2399 Sun May 11 01:11:22 EDT 2014 Anonymous CA
    2398 Wed May 07 12:43:24 EDT 2014 Anonymous Laguna Niguel, CA
    2397 Mon May 05 13:25:47 EDT 2014 Kyle Copp Dana Point, CA Use the PUBLIC TRUST DOCTRINE. It is the people's only legal leverage with this type of land dispute. (refer to Mono Lake Case)
    2396 Wed Apr 30 13:41:58 EDT 2014 Craig Gutjahr Mission Viejo, CA
    2395 Wed Mar 19 18:34:31 EDT 2014 Heather Sblendorio CA
    2394 Tue Mar 18 23:01:38 EDT 2014 Brendan Dilloughery San Juan capistrano, CA
    2393 Tue Feb 25 11:53:59 EST 2014 Anonymous Dana Point, CA The City of Dana Point continually ignores the wishes of the majority of the people in favor of pleasing the wealthier residents and large developmental corporations.
    2392 Mon Feb 10 16:19:47 EST 2014 Joseph Altamirano Escondido, CA
    2391 Tue Jan 07 20:51:56 EST 2014 William Medina Capistrano Beach, CA
    2390 Wed Dec 11 17:09:01 EST 2013 Ricard McConaughy Mission Viejo, CA
    2389 Fri Nov 15 19:08:55 EST 2013 marilyn mineo paladin Tarzana, CA
    2388 Fri Nov 15 19:08:55 EST 2013 marilyn mineo paladin Tarzana, CA
    2387 Fri Nov 15 19:08:53 EST 2013 marilyn mineo paladin Tarzana, CA
    2386 Mon Nov 11 18:06:30 EST 2013 Megan Vidal Laguna Niguel, CA
    2385 Tue Oct 22 16:33:04 EDT 2013 carl martin aliso viejo, CA
    2384 Tue Oct 22 15:44:54 EDT 2013 Lance Lew Mission Viejo, CA
    2383 Tue Oct 22 15:43:22 EDT 2013 Betty Lew Laguna Hills, CA
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