Portland Ban the Bag

Single-use plastic bags represent one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation. It is estimated that 60-80% of all debris in the ocean is land-based plastic. Plastics take hundreds of years to break down at sea and most types never truly biodegrade. As a result, marine animals often get entangled in the debris or mistake it for food. In Oregon (and the world!) the very first statewide volunteer beach cleanup was held in 1984 under the title "Plague of Plastics", calling historical attention to the rise of plastics in our oceans and on our beaches.

Around 100 billion plastic checkout bags are used each year in the United States, requiring ever-increasing demands on our finite natural resources. Sadly, less than 10% of these bags are recycled each year and cities, counties, and non-profit organizations must pay millions each year to clean up plastic litter.

Please contact Portland City Commissioners by participating in the below action and writing your support. We encourage you to personalize your letter for your business!

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