Support the Oil Ban Amendment to FL Constitution

As the unprecedented oil catastrophe has now directly impacted Florida, gutting our economy and destroying the environment of the Gulf, NOW is the time for our state government to act. The Save Our Beach and Shores Coalition wishes to revise the Florida Constitution to prohibit the exploration for, the drilling for, the extraction of and the production of oil beneath all Florida waters from the mean high water line to the seaward limit of Florida's boundaries.

We need to send a personal message to our Legislators that we, as citizens, communities, businesses, and organizations, do not want risky drilling activity off our shores. And more importantly, it’s effective to make this a voter's issue on the November 2, 2010 ballot.

Other ACTION ITEMS to Participate in:

Speaker of the House Larry Cretul (352) 873-6564 and Senate President Jeff Atwater  (561) 625-5101 need to support this Special Session July 20-23 to put the critical issue of Oil Drilling in Florida Waters on the ballot for November 2010. Tell them to LET FLORIDIANS VOTE! 

Please call Governor Charlie Crist to thank him for effort (850) 488-4441

To get the most up to date info on the spill and sign up for news updates on the spill go to:

To help us track the oil, tar balls, sheen, etc around the state of Florida go to:
Take action by telling Congress and the President to reinstate/restore the Federal Moratorium Against Drilling:
Opposition to nearshore oil drilling is growing throughout Florida in light of the tragic Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Over 60+ cities, counties, chambers of commerce and organizations have passed resolutions opposing drilling. To see all who have filed resolutions to date go to:

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here